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Sometimes you need a different
kind of career support.

The traditional way of mapping your career can often leave quirky or global-minded people feeling out of sync and lost.

If you are struggling with feeling out of place because you march to a different beat, if people underestimate you because you present yourself a little differently, if people make snap judgments about you because of your tattoos, piercings, clothes, or hair, you are not alone!

It is my mission to help funky, original, global-minded individuals find meaningful work, or more joy within the work they already have.

Consider Working with a Denver Career Counselor

Some people have a different mindset than others. They’re more creative, quirky, and independent, which causes them stress when searching for the right job. If you have a job and don’t feel like it is right for you, it could be helpful to work with a career coach.

At Denver Career Catalyst, I understand the challenges that you face every day. If you’re in a situation where you dislike your job, don’t feel qualified, or feel overqualified, you’re less likely to enjoy waking up and going to work. If you feel that you’re out of place or you’re undervalued or underestimated because you have a slightly different presentation, you aren’t alone. You deserve to have coworkers who respect you and a career that you enjoy.

It is possible to find more meaningful work or learn how to experience the joy in the career you’ve already got. Career services in Denver can help you do this.

Quirky, creative, and international types deserve success, too!

What I love to do

my passion is helping people like you

I can help you:

  • Decide whether to stay at a job or leave it
  • Reinvent yourself after you leave a job
  • Choose a new career path
  • Evaluate opportunities in the world of work
  • Identify career obstacles
  • Stop being the victim of job market circumstance and take charge of your own life!

Learn to:

  • Find jobs you really want
  • Apply for those jobs
  • Interview for those jobs
  • Negotiate a salary you feel good about

I’ve reinvented career counseling and made it about the person rather than the counselor. You don’t have to fit into a cookie-cutter shape to work with me. I value your independence, individuality, and quirks because I’m the same way. Contact me now to schedule an appointment!

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Oh, Those Millennials!

Of the complaints levied against Millennials, one of the most persistent one is that they need constant praise.  So let’s tackle that first, with science! First off, according to a 2016 Gallup study, only 19% of Gen Y workers get regular feedback, but there they are, adulting along with the rest of us.  Second, as…

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Are Millennials Really that Bad?

Are Millennials really that bad? In 2013, Time magazine called Millennials the “me, me, me generation,” and cited studies that seem to indicate that these young ‘uns are more narcissistic and entitled than any previous generation.  When you simply say the word “millennial,” people respond with things like “disloyal” and “special snowflake.” Well, I’m a…

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LGBTQI & the Job Search, part 2

LBGTQI+ discrimination is still a very real issue in 2019, so what can you do if you have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? The good news is that some of those 26 states with weak antidiscrimination laws states are under federal circuits that interpret existing gender discrimination laws to…

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The LGBTQI Job-Search

If you identify as LGBTQI+, the world of work can be even more daunting and complex than otherwise.  What are your rights at work? Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer to that question.  Your legal protections vary by state and type of employer.  As of this writing, there are still 26 states that offer no explicit…

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