Career Counseling

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optimize your experience in the workplace

Career counseling can be conducted individually or in a small group setting. It is important to first understand your own interests and what inspires satisfaction. This is true whether you are searching for the optimal career, changing careers, or growing as an employee.

  • Career Assessments: Understand how a your personal attributes and interests impact your ability to find fulfilment and success in your desired field of work.
  • Change of Career Counseling: Don’t settle for complacency in a career when there is something out there that is meant for you.
  • Current Career Counseling: Optimize your experience and potential in the workplace.


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discover what it takes to make you happy

Getting the job is not the end of the story. It is astounding to see how many people stay in positions where they are unsatisfied. This is where coaching becomes an important part of career development. Discover what makes you happy and how to get it.

  • Salary Negotiations: Providing clients with the strategies and tools for attaining fair wages
  • Workplace Self-Advocacy: Cultivate awareness and confidence in navigating equality with professionalism
  • Optimizing Performance: Evaluate the areas that make you a great employee along with areas that could use improvement, thus creating the ideal working environment

Job Search Strategy

techniques to find your ideal career

Step one is finding the job, but building lifelong career skills is a benefit that extend far beyond job attainment techniques. Find confidence and know your worth in the job market and life.

  • The Job Search: Techniques to conduct effective searches for ideal careers and network effectively
  • Resume and Cover Letters: Learn how to make yourself stand out amongst the stack of candidates.
  • Interview Coaching: Know what to expect and the best strategies to respond and nail the difficult questions with confidence.

Public Speaking

thoughtful and meaningful motivation

I am available to talk to large or small groups and have the speaking skills and knowledge to provide valuable inspiration and insight on the tangibility of finding the ideal career. Motivate your students, team, conference participants and others by allowing me to provoke thoughtful and meaningful consideration into career choices and happiness.