kind words from amazing people I've worked with


Emily came to my rescue before a big interview when I hadn’t been to an interview in years, and never for a corporate position. I understood within 5 minutes that I was woefully unprepared to answer the questions that would come my way. Emily was incredibly skilled and helpful. Her guidance helped me prepare quickly and feel confident in 24 hours. Best of all, Emily was warm, encouraging, and precise about what was needed when I was feeling overwhelmed. This really calmed me down, and I ended up having a great interview!


Emily is a career coach for the rest of us. Are you an aspiring writer or artist? Her in depth knowledge of career paths for those who majored in the social sciences and liberal arts make her services invaluable. Whether you’re attempting a major career pivot, or prone to stage fright during job interviews, she offers personalized advice and tailors your career plan to the path you want to follow.


Emily is an encourager of dreams; I am sure many of the students and alumni she’s counseled over the years would surely agree. I am always impressed with her demeanor and openness; she is able to listen and advise her clients on based on their future goals and does not try to stifle them by encouraging them to do things not in the best interest of those goals. Whether you’re somewhat lost on your career path, or if you’re well on your way, Emily will be there to encourage you and suggest excellent resources.